Friday, 10 February 2012

ASL Plz?

22,F,Mum, that's exactly how I first got introduced to the virtual Me! 'Chat Rooms' on Yahoo, an area which lay on my mom's prohibited list, soon became my favorite adventure, which I got encouraged to explore in-depth by my equally inquisitive friends. 

Now that the traditional introduction is done, there are two most critical things you have to know about me. I am passionate about just two things, Life and Food and get turned off exactly by two things lifeless beings and tasteless food (salads included, Russian is still bland) far as education goes, my resume reads 'Media Graduate' which my extended family read as 'Tv par aane wale log...' 

A moment captured by me of  few kids
lazing @ Jhonson Park.
If you have also juggled with loads of local shopping bags in one hand and a Paani Puri plate in another on more than one occasion and  also lived through Mumbai’s traffic in BEST buses, rickshaws and sky-walks  (human traffic in this case), then we have lot in common! I love the local trains and what fascinates me is that how brilliantly one local of 9-12 compartments depicts what Mumbai is all about. On one hand you have the sophisticated urban professionals, ones working on their #iflaunt and on the other you have ladies chopping vegetables and sewing in the neighboring bogie! Contradictory? Irony? Yes yes all of that!

This is Mumbai and honestly, I love it! I have spent evenings clubbing and on other days bargaining with Rickshawallas over their tampered meters, escalating their way right from ‘a necessity good to a luxury travel’ overnight!

Till then keep walking, dogging and hopping in the city that never sleeps and also is so ALIVE and KICKING!

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  1. Depicts the truth of Mumbai through the lens of a common mumbaikar. Lovely, keep giving us insights like these. True, genuine, raw, and personal :).

    Thanks for sharing.