Sunday, 18 March 2012

Confession of a Stalker

"Look around, one learns the most from one's society", my folks used to chant this to me when I was aged 4 and since that day this has been my mantra. Let me put this in simple words, you are my friend so your friend is again my friend, your friend's girlfriend's friend, is my friend! Even 'Linked in' proves this degree of familiarity....

 Also, I'm not a passive stalker and by this I mean I not just depend on what displays on my 'wall' or what gets home delivered, but actually a lot of time, focus and networking binds me to a lot more people than just being restricted to limited few! So basically if I keep a tab of my friend's wall it's not stalking but another social gesture....

The best part is though, my confession, I know many of you think it's mutual, a pact between you and me, you need not say it but you too indulge in this Social Formality, I have seen women, colleagues, teens behind their screens emote series of drastic emotions as they scan through their friend's recent changed relationship Status, stalk their ex's present, and 'seldom' scan through their present's recent likes and comments. It's all natural or say human.

Feel free to stalk :

P.S If you too once had an Orkut account, it was meant to doom cause it stripped an users RTI by displaying 'Your Recent Visitors' tch tch.... 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Lady Driver? Horn, OK, Please


My dad scanned me right across the room, given the fact we were the only occupants in the entire 12*15 area when I told him I wish to learn driving. He actually dropped his jaw just enough for me to know how skeptical he was about the idea, but as the faith as it I was born to tame a vehicle.

While enrolling me at the driving school when the instructor made my dad choose from wide variety of cars from S(Santro), M (Indica and Indigo), L (Honda Accent) to XL(TATA Sumo), almost at the same time we stared the extreme, only difference was they were not just extreme but also OPPOSITES, while I fancied piling on a TATA, he signed me for a Santro. An immediate clash of underestimation and overestimation.

Finally after a 20 minutes session for 20 days, I earned a licence! I remember just two incidents about my RTO test. First, a cop who hopped and sat next to me and said "Darrneka Nahi, mast chalaneka", second, me kick starting the vehicle on third gear, a reason enough for my instructor to pass out but instead he smiled meekly at the cop.

That was the day when I drove independently and today after three years I hit the road again....of course with my instructor who's life hangs on the hand break which he constantly holds on like a dying person clings to his final breath!

So on my first day I came to live the eternal truth behind why girls can't drive, as my instructor kept chanting about how important it is for me to see to my left and observe people's feet to judge the right distance, the calamity struck! There they were pink, red, purple, heels, ballerinas, flats and sunshine yellows!!! My attentions was caught more but the foot wears than the foot!

When he asked to see if anyone was at the crossing, my attention mindlessly overlooked the divider and fell on the gang of girls posing some cool hair dos and styles! And then my mind raced to every other bag, dress, top, hair - short/long, couples romancing and extra ordinarily fat girl flaunting a rainbow top! GOD WE ARE GIRLS AND SUCH THINGS CATCH OUR ATTENTION!!

And with this I submit myself to the universal fact, we can drive but seldom focus!

Friday, 10 February 2012

ASL Plz?

22,F,Mum, that's exactly how I first got introduced to the virtual Me! 'Chat Rooms' on Yahoo, an area which lay on my mom's prohibited list, soon became my favorite adventure, which I got encouraged to explore in-depth by my equally inquisitive friends. 

Now that the traditional introduction is done, there are two most critical things you have to know about me. I am passionate about just two things, Life and Food and get turned off exactly by two things lifeless beings and tasteless food (salads included, Russian is still bland) far as education goes, my resume reads 'Media Graduate' which my extended family read as 'Tv par aane wale log...' 

A moment captured by me of  few kids
lazing @ Jhonson Park.
If you have also juggled with loads of local shopping bags in one hand and a Paani Puri plate in another on more than one occasion and  also lived through Mumbai’s traffic in BEST buses, rickshaws and sky-walks  (human traffic in this case), then we have lot in common! I love the local trains and what fascinates me is that how brilliantly one local of 9-12 compartments depicts what Mumbai is all about. On one hand you have the sophisticated urban professionals, ones working on their #iflaunt and on the other you have ladies chopping vegetables and sewing in the neighboring bogie! Contradictory? Irony? Yes yes all of that!

This is Mumbai and honestly, I love it! I have spent evenings clubbing and on other days bargaining with Rickshawallas over their tampered meters, escalating their way right from ‘a necessity good to a luxury travel’ overnight!

Till then keep walking, dogging and hopping in the city that never sleeps and also is so ALIVE and KICKING!